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No matter what technology is introduced into our business and personal lives, Talent GoTo in Phoenixville will continue meeting our talent in our Phoenixville office - face to face, eye to eye.    

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...with staffing! The area's most progressive, privately owned and operated Employment Agency in Phoenixville and 2017 Winner of Best of Award for Category: Temporary Staffing Agency in Phoenixville.

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About Us


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Talent GoTo is the preferred Go-To staffing firm for career placement, located in Phoenixville, PA, serving Chester County and Montgomery County residents and employers.

        We aid A-LIST candidates with their job searches. Our recruiters are experienced, nationally certified and passionate. Talent GoTo is confident in matching you with the career you desire- something only a team with proven experience can offer. Still looking for a new career but unsure about what you want to do, where you want to work or simply questioning your abilities? Are you fed up yet with template rejection letters, auto-replies or no reply whatsoever? Sadly, today’s market has become a numbers game when it comes to applying for employment. You waste hours upon hours filling out online profiles for each company before they have reviewed your resume and shown interest in having you apply. The solution is very simply. Join the Talent GoTo Network. The process is simple. Our jobs are local. It is a free service available to everyone seeking employment whether it is temporary or permanent.

        Our team of staffing professionals are trained and committed to find you the perfect match. We will meet with you face to face to discuss your wants, needs, desires and goals. We will take the time to listen and offer advice. Your information will be kept confidential and secure not accessible to the entire world when posting your resume to online job boards. You will only receive communications about potential opportunities that fit your profile. Our staff is anxious to help! It is easy to get started.

       Email your resume to apply@talentgoto.com, apply at http://www.talentgoto.com/ or call us at 484-928-8000.

Want to Get in Touch with us 484-928-8000.




Headquartered at the French Creek Business Park in East Pikeland Township Phoenixville, PA, Chester County.

  • Nationally Certified Staff
  • Seventeen Years of Proven Staffing Experience         
  • Privately Owned and Operated 
  • Staff is active in their communities.
  • Serving all 50 States. We have you covered from East to West, North to South

Offering Temporary and Direct Hire placements throughout the United States and Canada for Professional Level Office, Medical Administration, Skilled Trades and Light Industrial Personnel.

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