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Because Talent GoTo Staffing is independently owned, we are not restricted by corporate policies unrealistic to the rapildy-changing and evolving workforce and business climate. As one of the most respected staffing firms in Chester County, we recognize that each of our clients have unique, individual needs and expectations. The principle of our business philosophy is to provide clients with personalized world-class service and exceptional candidates while ensuring thoroughness, due diligence and accuracy. As your go-to employment agency for temporary help, direct hire and payroll, we have the proven experience, knowledge and resources to fulfil all of your staffing needs. OUR GUARANTEE: If an accepted applicant proves unsatisfactory for the position during the first 120-days of employment and is discharged or leaves of his or her own accord, we will replace that individual with another at no charge, provided the placement invoice is paid in full within 10 calendar days from their start date.




It is more important than ever to identify Top Talent so you can attain the Goals and Objectives set by your Company. Our team of recruiters are committed to finding you the best talent in the market, NOT the best talent on the job boards or Internet. The networking skills of our Recruiters are unmatched. Our Sales Team Members are trained throughout their entire career on the best practices in our Profession. In addition, they have all earned their certification CPC - Certified Personnel Consultant designation which is one of the highest credential offered an individual in the Recruiting Profession.

We specialize and have expertise in the following niches:

  • Administrative / Office
  • Human Resources /Payroll
  • Recruiting / Benefits Admin.
  • Call Center / Sales & Marketing
  • Medical (Clinical & Non Clinical)


Contract Personnel is a vital necsity for businesses of all sizes.  When you aren't afford to hire a permanent full time employee or you don't have time to handle new hire reporting, payroll, payroll taxes, benefits, rapily changing ACA rules and the list goes on.   You can control your payroll costs by hiring contractors for project work or to replace individuals on FMLA, Vacation, Maternity Leave etc.



  1. No additional payroll overhead
  • The use of Top Talent for Project Work
  • No workers' compensation or unemployment costs Lower or non-existent overtime costs

    Faster completion of special projects



    Our Temp To Hire, evaluate before you commit, requires a minimum of 700 billed hours to hire a Talent GoTo employee without paying a direct hire fee.



    Talent GoTo can handle all your payroll needs including Workers Comp, Unemployment, Federal/State/Local Taxes and benefits. We become the Employer of Record, ultimately allowing you to get back to your business operations, reducing risk and eliminating compliance worries.

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